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  Mother of 


   A thirty minute Russian-language short film. Taking place in 1987 Ukraine, it follows the story of a woman named Masha, who stayed behind in the radiation zone with her baby. After deciding to trek to Kiev to reunite with her family, she  ventures  into  the  forest  and believes a soldier is chasing her to take away her child. Masha must fight to do the only thing anyone could after Chernobyl:  survive amidst unimaginable tragedy.





   A drama spec pilot (60pgs.) An ensemble cast of queer teenage men showcasing the toxicity that can come with discretion and shame; two closeted men and two out men move into the same freshman dormitory. We watch them as they meet, fall for one another, fight, and destroy each other with the knowledge that it will end with a devastating massacre on their campus. 



Red Spies

and Trophy Wives

   A dramedy spec pilot (60pgs.) We follow three family members in their respective time; Nikita, a Red Army general post-WWII whose lost his family; Dasha, a soon to be mail-order-bride in Ukraine; and Nik, a gay teen living in conservative Texas. While their stories are drastically different, their struggles are the same and their connection to one another is always present. 

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