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   I'm currently a student at Chapman University expecting to graduate in 2022. I've been enjoying strengthening my skills as a writer, cinematographer, and editor while I get my BA in Television Writing and Production. I'm currently taking time off school to gain some work experience in the film and television industry. 

   Before I transferred to Chapman, I was a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Film and Media. I only attended UCSB for a year but managed to work on a few short films during my attendance which culminated in the school sponsoring my first short film 'Mother of Chernobyl' which has been receiving selections and awards from festivals domestically and internationally.   

   I grew up in Plano, Texas where I first started getting invested in storytelling via technical theatre. Working as an employee for my my school district, I developed a strong basis for lighting and set design, along with experience directing actors and crew. 

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